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5 Tips to Create High Traffic eBay Listings

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

1. Have a Descriptive and SEO Rich Title

When it comes to ranking in search and being found within eBay, having a high quality and descriptive title is going to be crucial. The max number of characters that eBay will allow you to use in a title is 80 characters - use them all and use them wisely! 

It is also important to capitalize on all of the real estate that you have in your title. I would recommend making each word unique and not repeating words.

Good Title

Apple iPhone 6 - 32GB - Space Gray (Factory Unlocked) A1549 (GSM) Smartphone iOS

  • Title is long, very descriptive, and keyword heavy for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Lower Performing Title

Apple Iphone 6 MG5C2LL/A 64GB Smartphone #15

  • This title has the basics but is missing some key pieces of SEO. It would benefit by adding the manufacturer color, the carrier or unlocked, ext. They also only used half of the allotted characters. 

2. Price Your Listing Right!

You can have an amazing listing, high quality content, great SEO, but if you are not competitively priced, you will not be found in search. Buyers on eBay typically search for product in 1 of 2 ways, you will notice price is always a factor:

  1. Price + Shipping: lowest first - This is self explanatory, if you are the lowest priced item for the keywords searched, you will populate the highest for this search.

  2. Best Match - The Best Match algorithm—the formula eBay uses to sort listings—considers a number of different factors. These include:

When pricing your products, I recommend searching for the product you are looking to sell, then look for the lowest priced listing. This will give you a competitive baseline.

When using the eBay listing flow, you will also be given a trending price if you are attaching your listing to an EPID (eBay Product ID). 

3. Have Multiple High Quality Pictures

The picture is the first thing that they buyer sees when looking at your listing - so make a good first impression. You are allowed to have up to 12 images per listing. Although it is not required to have more than 1 image, I recommend using as many as possible. 

Not only do you want to have multiple image but you want to make sure you have good quality images. Images that are at least 500 x 1600 pixels and have a white background are preferred and will be prioritized in search.

Recommended Not Recommended

4. Content Rich Description

When writing up your eBay description, make sure to include as much detail as possible about the product you are selling. It is extremely important that the buyer knows exactly what they are buying, especially if you are selling used items. Not having clear and accurate descriptions will result in a higher than average return rate and item not as described cases.

To take it one step further, I recommend using services like Crazy Lister to build out visually appealing templates. Services like Crazy Lister will also enable you to create mobile friendly description templates. Considering 50% of eBay transactions take place on mobile, it is important to be mobile optimized.

5. Offer Free Shipping and Free 30-Day Returns

It is best practice on eBay to offer free shipping and free 30-day returns on all listings. By offering these on your listings, you will receive special badging on your listings and will be prioritized in search.

Free shipping and free 30-day returns has become the industry standard in e-commerce. If you are not already offering these on your listings, it is highly recommended that you start now.

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