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How to Resolve a Non-Payment Suspension on eBay

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

If your account has been suspended for non-payment of eBay seller fees, removing the restriction can be as simple as paying the fees.

eBay Seller Fee

All items sold on eBay require the seller to pay a Final Value Fee for selling the item on the site. The final value fee can range anywhere from 4%-10%, in some cases even up to 14% if the account is below standard or has a higher than average SNAD rating (Significantly Not As Described).

Failing to pay your Final Value Fees will cause a suspension to be placed on your eBay account.

eBay Store / Insertion Fees

Every listing added to eBay is counted as an Insertion. All items listed on eBay are charged an Insertion Fee for listing the item on the site. The standard charge for each insertion if no store is active on the account is $0.30 per listing. If the account has an active store subscription, it will be allowed 350-100k free insertions based on the store type - any additional listings create after your store limit has been reached will incur additional fees.

If you are seller that has more than 100 listings, you should have an eBay store due to the cost saving benefits. That said, eBay stores range from $28 - $3000 per month based on the number of products you plan on listing on eBay.

Failing to pay your store fee or insertion fees that have accumulated for the month will result in a non-payment suspension being placed on your account.

Not Reimbursing eBay for a Refund Made to Your Buyer

If eBay has had to step-in and close a case on your behalf, they will refund the buyer for you. When this happens, eBay reverses the funds from your PayPal account to cover the refund. If the full amount is not available, eBay will wait until funds become to collect the remaining amount or charge the automatic payment method on file.

If eBay is not reimbursed for the amount paid out to your buyer, eBay will place a hold or a suspension on your account restricting you from buying and selling. 

To make a one-time payment:

1. Go to My eBay > Account

2. Select One-time payment

Once the account balance has been paid in full, the hold or suspension will be automatically removed in most cases.

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