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The Risk Involved in Taking Transactions Off of eBay

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Can I accept an offer to sell to someone off of eBay?

Selling off of eBay is a big no-no and will most definitely result in an account suspension. In other words, if the sale or conversation starts on eBay, the transaction has to finish on eBay. If eBay suspects that the transaction has been completed off of eBay, you will be in violation of policy.

Off eBay sales has become a big issue. In result, eBay has started to focus heavily on. They are informing both the seller and buyer that it is not allowed if it comes up in messaging.  If you get a request to sell something off of eBay, do not reply.  

Final value fees are how eBay makes money. Even if a shopper makes a request to transact off of eBay, it’s against eBay’s terms. So don’t do it. It may seem enticing to not have to pay eBay the additional 4%-14% for the FVF, but I promise, it is not worth it!

Can a buyer call me before buying?

As nice as it would be to allow buyers to call you about items they are interested in purchasing, in most categories, it is against policy. Sharing contact details will result in your account being restricted or suspended.  If a buyer asks in a message to share your phone number or store address, DO NOT give it to them.

Certain categories do allow sellers to share contact information due to the logistics involved in the purchase of the item. Categories where contact information is allowed to be shared include:

-Classified Ads

-Real Estate Listings


-Business and Industrial

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