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Unable to Verify Your Account Information

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

It is very common for eBay to restrict accounts if they notice the account is selling in high-risk categories, are accelerating faster than the average seller, or if eBay notices any inconsistencies with your registered information. 

This restriction is more annoying than anything. With this type of restriction, eBay will typically request a copy of your ID, business registration, financials, tax statements, bank statements, articles of incorporation, etc. As long as the requested documentation can be provided, it is typically a quick restriction to overcome.

I provided my documentation then was indefinitely suspended

When information is requested by eBay, the info submitted via eBay messaging is reviewed by the Risk Management team. Their title says it all - this team is responsible for mitigating risk. If there is any missing link or confusion about your account, the team will typically restrict the account without further question.

It is extremely common to submit the requested documentation over to eBay and get a notification back saying that your account has been indefinitely suspended. Unfortunately getting the indefinite suspension removed is near impossible.

I have been indefinitely suspended - now what

As mentioned, it is extremely common for eBay to indefinitely restrict account due to miscommunication or lacking a full understanding of a sellers business model. If you have been suspended indefinitely and feel it was not justified, let us review your account for free.

We specialize in clearing up unresolved eBay issues. If we feel that there is a good chance we can help your situation, we can discuss next steps involved in getting your account back.


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