I'm Pat

Seller Reinstatement Expert

Former eBay Employee

(Acquisitions Manager)

While at eBay, my primary focus was recruiting and growing enterprise electronics companies like TP-Link and Razer. Over the course of my time at eBay, I also helped thousands of sellers regain access and grow their restricted eBay accounts. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than telling someone I have gotten their account reinstated after they have been told time and time again that they will never be allowed back. 



I'm Matt

As a former eBay employee I oversaw and consulted hundreds of companies launching to eBay, some of which had yearly revenues in the billions. I also lead new business integrations from our strategic partners (Channel Advisor, CommerceHub, ect...) This experience has given me unique insight into the platform as well as how things operate behind the scenes.

Seller Acquisition Expert

Former eBay Employee

(Acquisitions Manager)

Seller Advocate specializes in being eBay, Facebook, Walmart, and Google Seller Account Restriction Experts. We also help sellers get approved to sell on Walmart if the application was previously denied.

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We have already

helped thousands

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Our average time to approved an account is 48-72 business hours


We work directly with Walmart to get your account approved

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I kept getting my Walmart sellers application denied. I contacted Seller Advocate and they were able to get my account approved THE NEXT DAY.

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